A Free* Interactive Environment for Live Audiovisual Performance developed by Artists for Artists


C::NTR::L is an environment for real-time Human-Computer Interaction exploiting physical computing technologies. C::NTR::L is focused on live performance practice and audiovisual improvisation. The application’s core and interface are built with Pure Data graphical programming environment.

This application’s aim is to allow artists to perform a non-standard real-time audiovisual processing using a musical instrument. You can control, trigger and modify in real-time audio and video effects simply playing your musical instrument – bass guitar, guitar, piano, accordion, etc.
C::NTR::L is dedicated to musician who want to add real-time effects in their concerts without loosing the impact of their presence on the stage, to artists working with audiovisual live projects who feel the need for a more lively performance, to everybody who wants to explore a different approach to live digital arts, something different from the usual paradigm artist>mouse>keyboard/controller>computer. Forget your mouse and keyboard, hold your guitar and create your performance or concert step by step playing your instrument.

The project started in 2007 and it is a constant work in progress. In april 2009 we finally released the version 1.0 Beta.