A Free* Interactive Environment for Live Audiovisual Performance developed by Artists for Artists


Tuning your instrument with C::NTR::L

  1. Launch the tuner from the intro splash
  2. Switch on the DSP~
  3. Set the filter Q, clicking the red button
  4. Set the tuner for bass guitar or guitar

Alternatevely you can set manually both frequencies and Q, scrolling the number boxes.
You got also an osc~ to listen to the standard A440.

Settings for live performance

  1. Launch C::NTR::L from the intro splash
  2. IMPORTANT! Enter Edit mode (ctrl+e)
  3. MEDIA: how to select your videos
    Be sure that your videos are in the folder ‘video’ in the main ‘CNTRL’ folder
    Open the MEDIA module (right click ‘open’)
    Write the name of your videos in the message boxes and close the module.
  4. NOTES: how to sync the notes of your instrument to trigger audiovisual fx
    Connect the outlet of the note you want to synchronize to the inlet of your desired module audio or video
    (warning! Grey inlets are exclusively for the data process chain, colored inlets are for the sync of notes and fx)
  5. FX: how to change the value of the fx triggered by the note of your intrument
    Right click and ‘open’ on the module
    Localize the ‘pd notevalue’ box and open it with one click
    Click in the message box, type the new value, close the subpatch and the module

You are ready!

Note that at the startup of C::NTR::L all the modules are connected in a suggested, standard way, but you are free and encouraged to try your own different data process chains, connecting each module in the order that you prefer. Maybe before doing it, be sure to save it with a new name, … just in case ;P

Go Audiovisual!

  1. Enter Play mode (ctrl+e)
  2. Choose the SIZE of your video output clicking one of the bang
    _ smallest (400×300) preview on your desktop
    _ medium (800×600) for live performance – extended desktop
    _ bigger (1024×768) for live performance – extended desktop
  3. Click on ‘CRT’ to open the video output and start the video rendering
  4. Have fun!

Perhaps you will have to modify the horizontal and vertical offset of the video output – sorry!, i’m working on it..
How to do this: (in Edit mode)

_ Open the SIZE module (right click ‘open’)
_ Open the ‘pd window’ subpatch
_ Change the value of the offset (usually you will have to put as first offset value the width resolution of your first screen)
_ Close the subpatch and the module.